Superheroes in the Atomic Age


Modern Experts believe virtually all genetically aberrant individuals can trace their origins to the Operation Yorktown incident and the radioactive fallout that came after. There is one notable, and widely known, exception. The Soviet hero known as Paragon is believed to be the first ever AGI (Altered Genetic Individual), and his appearance dates back to the early 1950’s, prior to the infamous Yorktown disaster.

Since Yorktown, the number of AGI’s have exploded around the globe. Most of these individuals are trying to live a normal life, but some have made names for themselves as heroes or villains. The USSR and the USA are both actively trying to identify, recruit or eliminate many of these new identified anomalies. As a result, a new arms race has begun,

Very recently, the Atomic Age has witnessed the reemergence of magic as well. The atom has created weapons of mass destruction, and a new evolution of mankind. Coupled with the threat of mutated super beings is the strange magical events stirring in the Middle East. Rumors of individuals with strange magical abilities are rampant in the southern desert of Iraq, and beginning to emerge in isolated incidents around the globe as well. Heroes will be needed now more than ever before.

Superheroes in the Atomic Age

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