Sub-Zero Major (PU3 p. 247)
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This character has the ability to create and manipulate aspects of cold, and while the production of ice is not the main focus of this power, it’s often a side effect of this ability.

Generate Extreme Cold/Absorb Heat The super being can absorb the heat from the surrounding area and make it cold at a rate of -25 degrees Fahrenheit per melee round or -100 degrees Fahrenheit per minute. The termpareture can be reduced to as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. At these incredibly low temperatures extreme tissue damage is possible, solids will become fragile and atmospheric gasses liquify and freeze.

  • Range Affects 50’ radius + 10’ per level of experience radiating from around the super being.
  • Damage/Effects
    50 degrees or higher:
    Normal conditions

50 degrees to 35 degrees:
Temperature becomes uncomfortably cold. Others are likely to notice the sudden drop in temperature if previous mark was above 60°.

34 degrees to 0 degrees:

  • Water freezes
  • Ambient moisture in the air condenses to snow
  • Traveling at higher speeds creates a 50% chance of sliding or crashing
  • Those who fall slide 1d6 yards, lose initiative and lose two melee actions.
  • Pilots suffer a -20% penalty, and must roll on their skill to avoid crashing;
    Crashing inflicts 2d6 damage for every 20 mph (also applies to super speedsters)
  • Those without warm clothing will become numbed by cold and suffer the following penalties:
    -2 to Initiative
    -1 to Strike, Parry and Dodge
    -2 to roll with punch/fall/impact
  • numbness effects last for 2d4 melee rounds after exposure ends

-1 degree to -34 degrees:

  • Temperature effects as stated for above temperatures, except where noted below:
  • Hypothermia and frostbite will begin for those unprotected for more than 10 minutes
    Skin becomes cold, extremities frozen, lips are purplish in color
  • Victim suffers -20% to all skill rolls
  • - 1 melee action
  • -4 to Initiative
  • -2 to all combat rolls
  • Speed is halved
  • Victim is not able to talk clearly
  • Frostbite sets in after 20 minutes
  • 1d6 damage for every 20 minutes exposed, including the first 20.
  • Victims need 2d6x10 minutes of being warm and dry to return to feeling normal and warm, but damage remains and may need medical attention.

Temperature Effects for -100° to -36°

  • Temperature effects as stated for above temperatures, except where noted below:
  • Extreme Hypothermia and Frostbite set in instantly
  • In addition to above effects for hypothermia and frostbite, the victim will begin violently shivering.
  • Victim suffers -40% to all skill rolls
  • Melee actions are halved
  • NO initiative
  • All combat bonuses are halved
  • Speed is reduced by 75%
  • Victims cannot stand for more than 1d4+3 melee rounds at a time unless braced.
  • Frostbite inflicts 4d6 damage per 5 minutes exposed, including the first 5.

Bolts of Cold:

  • Range: 500’ + 10’ per level
  • Damage: 1d4 per level of experience plus the following side effects for 1d4 rounds:
    Thin coating of ice is created on the target
    - 2 to Initiative
    - 1 to Strike, Parry and Dodge
    - 2 to roll with punch/fall/impact
  • Duration: Damage is instant, penalties last for 1d4 melee rounds
  • Melee Actions: Each bolt counts as one melee attack
  • Bonuses: Character’s normal bonuses to Strike

Sub-zero freezing Blast

  • Range: 10’ per level
  • Damage: Varies
  • Duration: Varies
  • Melee Actions: Each Sub-Zero blast counts as two melee attacks
  • Sealing openings shut
    Includes locks, lids, doors, windows, wheels, gears, etc. Acts as if glued.
    Requires PS of 45 or greater to break through (or Supernatural PS of 30)
    Time to break seal is 1d4+1 actions
    Damage inflicted on object that was sealed is 2d6
    Warmth of 70° or greater for 1d6+6 minutes will melt the seal enough to open
  • Freezing objects
    Makes inanimate objects brittle
    Frozen objects shatter when struck by heavy force (large object, Superhuman or Supernatural Strength, bullet) or any attack that does more than 34 points of damage.
    Will instantly freeze as much as 200 gallons of water for 1d4 hours
    Items remain brittle for 1d4+4 melee rounds
  • Freezing living tissue
    Organic objects do not become brittle with the sub-zero freeze, but rather take 5d6 damage
    All feeling is lost in targeted area
    Freezing an arm or hand renders it useless
    Freezing a leg reduces target’s Speed by 50%
    Freezing the target’s head causes blindness (-10 to Strike, Parry, Dodge and Disarm)
    Numbing effect lasts for 1d4+1 melee rounds
    Targets who are invulnerable, intangible or impervious to cold suffer no damage or penalties.

Create Ice Constructs

  • Range: Touch or thrown
  • Duration: Indefinite as long as in possession of character, then melts as normal
  • Melee Actions: One action to create ice weapons/tools. Ice Armor takes one Melee Round.
  • Ice Armor
    AR 14
    SDC 25 per level
  • Ice Weapons and Tools
    Simple melee or throwing weapons can be created
    Damage inflicted is equivalent to metal counterpart
    Each weapon has an AR of 12, and 2d4x10 SDC
  • Preserve Ice- Any Ice or frozen items remains frozen as long as it is within 10’ of the character.
  • Ice Slide- By creating a sheet of ice in front of him, and sliding along that sheet of ice at a rate equal to his ability to generate cold, the character can slide on ice with the following abilities:
    May travel at 60 mph
    Character has complete control of his direction and speed
    +2 to Dodge
    Can carry twice normal weight on the ice slide, but reduces speed by 25%
    Ice slide must be created on the ground (not on vertical or uneven surfaces). It cannot be elevated more than 10’ per level off the surface.
    Can perform high speed body block doing 2d4 damage + 1d4 per 20mph traveled.
    Ice left behind melts after one melee round.
  • Bonuses
    Character is immune to extreme cold and cold-based damage, including magical cold.
    Never slips or falls on ice
    Can travel across ice at full speed without penalty
    Suffers double damage from magical fire, but only half damage from normal fire.
    Can estimate air temperature within 1d4 degrees

Technoicer.jpgTechnoicer: Brilliant American scientist, working on the Apollo Program for NASA. Developed formula to absorb heat, adapted it to create his heroic persona. His invention simulates this power, but American scientists have theorized this phenomena could be replicated genetically.


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