Atomic Age

The Peacekeepers p. 9


“Good evening. I’m Harold Grove, and this is a special news bulletin from WXKO, New York…

Dateline February 14th, 1967:

The calm of Valentine’s Day morning was disrupted today when two armed individuals fired machine guns down Keeler Blvd in the Bronx. Two individuals were killed, including an NYPD officer. The gunmen’s apparent target was the Promise Clinic; known for helping the homeless and wounded veterans of our city. The reasons why these madmen sought to destroy this clinic remain a mystery. What is know today, ladies and gentlemen, is that some well meaning heroes stepped in and averted the disaster before even more lives might have been lost. The property damage was kept to a minimum, and a spokesman for Lifeline Industries who operates the clinic says he believes the facility will be able to reopen thanks to the quick work of these new heroes.

Residents of the Bronx community are calling this another shootout at the OK Corral. Gunshots were fired beginning shortly after most businesses had opened for the day. These new Peacekeepers kept the city from turning into another ‘wild west’. Eyewitness reports claim three individuals in all took part in keeping the peace, including a negro woman who lit up like a light bulb and flew into the sky. A second hulking creature seemed to vanish into plain sight, only to reappear later. This fearsome shadow made quick work of one of the two gunmen, throwing him out onto Keeler Blvd like he was a child’s plaything. Another strange individual is credited for saving an officer’s life, and police are crediting the man for his quick thinking and quicker actions.

WXKO will break into our regular programming with any new updates regarding the dramatic Valentine’s Day incident or the mysterious gunmen, as well as New York’s very own ‘Peacekeepers’.

This is Harold Grove, WXKO New York. Safe Travels."


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