Atomic Age

Tales of Damocles p. 5

February 15, 1967

Lower_Manhattan.jpgThe agent had all of these ‘Peacekeepers’ dossiers read and largely memorized. It was his job to know them after all. Blackfoot had assured him these people would not cause any issues unless provoked. Agent Callahan was here to make contact with Blackfoot’s colleagues, and extend a hand of friendship. It was made clear that with this recent AGI event in New York, Damocles needed to go into damage control mode. It was getting more and more difficult to keep the events under wraps. This one, unforeseen as it was, managed to make the national news. The illusion of normalcy was fading, and fading quickly.

Agent Kiruk, Blackfoot’s true name, had recently been promoted to Special Agent. His new responsibility was to coordinate with identified Altered Genetic Individuals (AGI’s). He had already begun assembling a team of AGI’s to give the US Government a readily mobilized interdiction team. Befitting the Damcoles Agenda and it’s mission, this new team was to be called the Swordsmen of Damocles. Blackfoot was busily preparing what he needed to get the Swordsmen up and running in a top secret location in Washington. The last thing he wanted was another Nightly News Bulletin with his team’s faces splashed across color televisions around the country.

Of course, it was one thing knowing who these three AGI’s were. It was another establishing contact with them. Two of them had worked with Blackfoot previously. But of those two, one could fly into space. Honest to God, she could fly in outer space. While NASA prepared to launch it’s first manned mission to the moon three years ahead of President Kennedy’s timetable, an AGI was already able to travel the void without a shred of help from the space agency.

The second could transform into some sort of creature out of a horror movie. The scariest part of the creature was not his towering height- but rather, the Cheshire Cat type grin. This was not a rampaging beast, but rather, a terrifying Mad Hatter. His strength was immense, and short of Paragon or American Angel, it was speculated that there were none stronger than the horror turned hero.

Finally there was Chadwick. He was a true mystery. NYPD reported he did…something… to help them. Something extraordinary. Yet, Damocles failed to get a reading on the man. He exhibited no genetic alterations whatsoever. Blackfoot seemed to think once DamSat was repaired and operational, they might get a more accurate reading. The handheld devices were a pale comparison, and it was possible that Chadwick was too low powered to register. But his actions seemed to suggest he would be a friendly. The three spent some time talking to one another before they left the scene.

By the time Damocles Agents arrived to clear the mess, and assume control of the prisoners, the three “Peacekeepers” had disappeared. They weren’t fugitives. Blackfoot made that clear. He did not want the darlings of the press hunted or pressured. He simply wanted to make sure communication wasn’t lost, and they didn’t go rogue. The New York Times ran a headline the morning of February 15th. New York’s Own Peacekeepers caused a stir among the citizens. Anyone who might have missed the news was sure to hear of them anyway. Secrecy, one of the tenets of Damocles, was now lost.

Agent Callahan picked up a copy of the Times, and sat down on a nearby bench to read. The cold breeze did little to disturb him. Blackfoot would want to know the extent of the situation.

To be continued in the pages of The Peacekeepers


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