Welcome to the Sixties!


Our Campaign has begun in December 23rd, 1966. The New Year is right around the corner. Despite the constant threat of atomic war, people are optimistic in the United States. Social upheaval grips the nation, but the nation recreates itself through mostly peaceful protest. They are led by their President, John F. Kennedy, now two years into his second term of office. His popularity is at an all time high, and is second only to the heroine American Angel who saved him from an assassin’s bullet in November of 1963. Both American Angel and President Kennedy find themselves on the cover of magazines, newspapers and on one of the modern wonders of U.S. culture, the color television.


Pictured above is President Kennedy and the First Lady minutes before the would-be assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended


Our campaign takes place during the Silver Age of Comics using the Heroes Unlimited game system by Palladium Books. The campaign is also heavily influenced by Ninjas & Superspies; another Palladium game system.

(We focus primarily on ‘superspies’ information from this book; however the martial arts are available through the Ancient Master, Hunter/Vigilante, or Physical Training Hero Types, or Worldly Martial Artist OCC. All other OCC’s and Hero Types must use the standard Hand to Hand selections from Heroes Unlimited.)


Heroes have only recently begun to emerge, and your hero may well be thrust into the spotlight of global attention alongside the Beatles and Baseball. Or you may be working in the shadows to protect others in your own way.

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