World Leaders

President_Kennedy.jpg President J.F. Kennedy

The President of the United States is John F. Kennedy, currently serving his second term. He survived the assassination attempt in Dallas in 1963 thanks to the efforts of the new superheroine, American Angel. As a result, he has invested finances and manpower to bolster America’s sanctioned super heroes.

Secretary General Brezhnev

Leonid Brezhnev is the current Secretary General of the Soviet Union. He has a myriad of deputies who he relies on to effectively run the Politburo, but their roles are less clear than those outlined in the United States. 005.JPG


General Arif

General Arif is the 3rd President of Iraq, and a puppet of the current Revolutionary forces. The King of Iraq has been overthrown, and General Arif is the latest member of the military that has been installed. He has been in power approximately one year.

World Leaders

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