Step 1: Choose Hero Type

Choose an Archetype from one of the
Available Hero Types in Atomic Age

*or you could select an OCC from one of the other Optional Occupational Character Classes available. GM Approval Required prior to character creation for any not listed.

Step 2: Determine Attributes

Go to Our Online Chat Forum , then go to our Dice Room AtomicAge

Now Roll 4d6 for each of the eight attributes. Drop the lowest die, and total the remaining three. The eight attributes are: (The command for this is 4d6z3). Note: By hovering or clicking on the blue underlined result, it will give you what each of the four dice results were.

IQ Intelligence Quotient
ME Mental Endurance
MA Mental Affinity (Charisma, Force of personality)
PS Physical Strength
PP Physical Prowess (Agility, Hand Eye coordination)
PE Physical Endurance
PB Physical Beauty
Spd Speed; how fast a character can physically move

All other dice rolls throughout character creation must be made in the same chat room. If you want to simply chat, type a forward slash ‘/’ before your text.

Step 3: Determine Hit Points & Structural Damage Capacity (SDC)

Hit Points PE rating + 1d6 per level.
SDC This will be determined from a variety of locations. Begin with the starting amount listed under your Hero Type, and add from Super Abilities and Skills. Keep track of what bonus came from each location.

Step 4: Determine appropriate abilities (Powers, Spells, Psionics, etc)

Information found primarily in Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition Core Book, but also in other Palladium Books. If you want to use an ability, spell or psionic not outlined in the core book, or the Heroes Unlimited supplements, contact the GM. Other options may be possible.

Step 5: Determine Education Level, and Skills

Roll or Select education level from HU2 on p. 44-45.

Follow steps listed to select your applicable Education Skill Programs

Now use the Skill List for the Atomic Age to choose the appropriate skills. Contact MrNarrator for an emailed copy of the Skill List if you prefer. Skills are taken from Rifts Unlimited Edition, and Ninjas & Superspies (as well as Heroes Unlimited of course). These skills have been edited to fit our setting, This list, and it’s prerequisites and percentages are what will be used for Atomic Age characters.

Step 6: Finalize Your Character

Use the same format found in the other characters for your sheet. (A text document in this format can be emailed to you if you prefer.) Total up your bonuses, and record them.


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