A group of exceptional soldiers, these individuals joined together from several of the allied nations to oppose the tyranny of the Axis powers during World War II. None of these individuals had super powers per se, but each were exceptional in their own way. Several other members came and went during the war, but these four were the core group.

The Cavaliers made a desperate last attempt to bring Adolph Hitler to justice at the close of the war. Tragically they were unsuccessful, and only Bombardier survived the encounter. He retired to America after the war, and resisted pressure to discuss the events that happened at Castle Thule deep in the Bavarian Alps.

Ken English was a British Noble born into privilege. He used his family wealth, and later his Military Contacts, to compile a list of equipment to supplement his skill to take the fight to Nazi Germany.

Archetype: Secret Operative
Abilities: Equipped with an experimental rocket pack prototype and small explosives, he gained fame as the Bombardier- leader of the Cavaliers.

Robert Adams was a special forces operative for the U.S., and was helping the war effort long before the US entered the war after Pearl Harbor. He was Bombardier’s closest friend and most trusted teammate. He was sent into Berlin to try to apprehend Hitler as the Russians were making their final push to end the war. He never returned.

Archetype: Physical Training
Abilities: Shadow Patriot trained himself to become the peak of physical fitness. He rarely wielded any weapon beyond a pistol, preferring instead to let his fists do his talking. His costume was adapted late in the war as a symbol to boost sagging morale. He fought alongside his fellow soldiers at Omaha Beach during D-Day.

Oleg Kasimir was a veteran of the Russian Revolution, and his skills as a sniper were known throughout the Soviet Union. He has developed a knack for not only using modern weapons, but also for designing and modifying them. The Soviets relied on him to make the most of their sometimes inferior equipment, but it became apparent that his skills were best used on the field of battle. When the Allies determined that each nation should contribute a hero to Operation Cavalier, there was no question who the Soviets would call upon.

Archetype: Weapons Expert (Hardware)
Abilities: Incredibly skilled at designing and using weapons in the field, he quickly became the Cavaliers heavy assault specialist. White Star was never far from a small arsenal of weapons on his person.

Henri Marchan was a brooding and isolated member of the team. It was at his insistence that Operation Cavalier came into being, yet he was quickly passed over for leadership. There is no questioning his skill at arms, but his single minded obsession with action and French liberation was thought to compromise the greater mission of winning the war. He remained loyal throughout, and despite his often vocal misgivings, he always followed orders.

Archetype: Ancient Weapons Master (Melee)
Abilities: While his skill extends to virtually all melee weapons, Henri insisted upon his rapier as his weapon of choice. It was an elegant blade on it’s own, but in the hands of the Partisan it was a work of art. Yet it was not his most dangerous ability- it was his ruthless conduct, and fierce hatred of the Nazi’s that spurred him on the battlefield. He was ferocious, and gave no quarter..


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