Atomic Age Errata

BIONIC STRENGTH Clarification: Bionic (or Robotic) Strength for those characters with exceptional PS will be considered Superhuman Strength for our campaign.

KNOCKDOWN Optional Rule: Any damage that falls under the guidelines for ‘rolling with impact’ can cause knockback/knockdown damage as outlined in HU2.

MAGIC COMBAT House Rule: Magic Combat functions as outlined in HU2, with the exception of the number of actions required to cast levels 1-3 spells. These low level spells only require the mage one attack to cast.

*Actions to reload-
1 if character has applicable WP, 1 Melee Round if not
*Attacks used-
Short burst: 1 Automatic, 1 Semi-automatic
Long burst: 1 Automatc, 2 Semi-automatic
Entire Magazine: 2 Automatic; 3 Semi-automatic
*Burst damage
Short burst: Single round of damage, x2
Long burst: Magazine <16><16 rounds; Single round x5, Magazine 16-29 rounds; Single round x7, Magazine 30-50 rounds; Single round x10

PERCEPTION Optional Rule: The Perception rules outlined in Rifts Unlimited Edition on Pg 367 are used for our campaign

Atomic Age Errata

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