Alternate History Details

Alternate_History.jpgThe history of our game world revolves around American Angel saving President Kennedy from assassination in November of 1963. As a result, an alternate history reality was created.

Jeff Greenfield wrote a book called What if Kennedy Lived?. While the alternate history event (weather vs. American Angel) is different, this book does an excellent job of examining the historical ripple effects of Kennedy’s survival and subsequent second term as President. I am an avid student of history, and the best alternate histories in my opinion are the ones that are the most plausible. I am reading the book and will update important timeline information as I go. This book, unless noted otherwise, will be the basis for American History for the Atomic Age.


1963-November: American Angel saves President Kennedy from assassination. She is America’s first superpowered hero, and both she and President Kennedy enjoy immense popularity afterwards.
1954-March: Operation Yorktown results in tragedy. It is speculated that this failed Nuclear test may actually be the cause of atomic-based mutations. Greater than both the Castle Bravo and Tsar Bomba tests, the yield of near 100 megatons has not ever been approached, or even attempted, since.

Alternate History Details

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