The Scourge

Villain, Arabian Nightbane


Identity The Scourge
Real Name Gabir Al-Yusuf
Known aliases The Scourge of Baghdad
Archetype/OCC Nightbane
Experience Level 1
Alignment Diabolic
Legal Status Iraqi citizen, with criminal record
Description Teenage male of Arabian descent, small frame and dark hair and eyes. When he becomes a Nightbane, his flesh becomes gray, and takes on the appearance of being stitched together. His left hand has been replaced with a large, rusted Scimitar.

Facade of Gabir Al-Yusuf

Attributes Bonus
IQ 7 n/a
ME 11 n/a
MA 12 n/a
PS 14 n/a
PP 20 +3 strike, parry and dodge
PE 14 n/a
PB 9 n/a
Speed 38 n/a

Hit Points 19
SDC 34
PPE 142

Initiative Standard
Attacks per melee 4
Damage Standard Melee, or applicable firearm
Critical Strike Natural 20


Includes bonuses from hand-to-hand training and exceptional stats.

+3 strike +4 parry +4 dodge
+0 save vs poison +2 save vs magic +1 save vs disease
+1 save vs Horror Factor +3 roll with impact +4 pull punch
+4 aimed strike w/ Auto Pistol +0 wild strike w/ Auto Pistol

Nightvision 200ft


After transformation Gabir becomes the Scourge of Baghdad, a 6’, 190#, version of himself. His flesh becomes grey and stiff, a patchwork of stitched together parts including a scimitar in place of his left hand. The Becoming takes 1 full melee unless he makes a ME save (12 or higher,
with ME bonuses and +1 at first level, and an additional +1 for every 2 levels after first).

Morphus of The Undertaker

PS 24 Supernatural +9 hand-to-hand damage, carry 1,200#, lift
PP 26 +6 strike, parry and dodge
PE 24 Supernatural +18% save vs coma/death, +5 save vs magic/poison
Speed 54
Hit Points 55
SDC 71
Horror Factor 9

Initiative +1
Attacks per melee 5
Damage 2d4 Restrained, 3d6 Normal, 6d6 Power Punch (+ 9 PS); + 1d8 with Scimitar hand
Critical Strike Natural 20

Nightvision 500ft, can sense other Nightbanes within 300ft +30ft per level.

Regenerate 10 SDC/HP at the end of each melee round.

Immune to all forms of mind control, including vampiric control, spells and psionic powers.

Immune to Transformations: The Nightbane cannot be physically transformed by any means, including but not limited to the following: metamorphosis potions and spells, the transformation ritual, vampire transformation, petrification, turn to mist, curses, wishes, or any form of magic or supernatural transformation, spell or enchantment.

Lifespan unknown.

Morphus Traits

Stitches: A crisscrossing of stitches at several points give the appearance that this Nightbane had been ‘reconstructed’ of various parts. Not all body parts appear to match.

Bonuses: + 3d6 to SDC (9),

+ 1d4 to Horror Factor (1)

Weapon Hand:Scimitar Gabir’s left hand can metamorphosize at will into a large scimitar. It does noral damage in addition to PS bonuses, and no risk of it breaking. Bonuses: +1 to Strike and Parry with this weapon, + 2 to Horror Factor


Fights as with Hand to Hand: Martial Arts with 1 additional attack per melee.

+8 strike +9 parry +9 dodge
+9 strike with Scimitar hand +10 parry with Scimitar hand +6 to pull punch
+7 roll with impact +9 save vs magic +5 save vs poison
+3 save vs Psionics +3 save vs Disease +3 save vs Horror Factor
+4 aimed strike w/ Auto Pistol +0 wild strike w/ Auto Pistol
+18% save vs Coma/Death


Shadow Shield

Creates a force field of dark energy around the Nightbane, providing 20 SDC per 2 PPE spent (PPE cannot exceed 4 per level of experience). The Shadow Shield completely surrounds the character, protecting him from toxic gases, disease, punches, bullets, heat, fire and similar dangers as long as it remains in force; it is the shield that takes the damage
inflicted by such attacks.

Duration: 30 minutes per level of experience or until all the SDC is depleted.

Limitations: Usable by the Morphus only; 4 PPE or 40 SDC per level of experience.

*Cost: 7 PPE to acquire, minimum of 2 PPE to activate.

The Shroud

This powerful Talent enables a Nightbane to become invisible and noiseless to both the normal vision and senses as well to electronic devices like cameras, etc. This ability can be used selectively, enabling some people to see the character while others can’t. Vengeful Nightbane have been known to drive a human insane by pursuing him in plain sight, invisible to everyone else. The victim’s cries for help would be usseless, for nobody else can see the monster threatening him.

The power is very expensive to maintain for long periods of time (10 PPE per minute). Also, the moment the Nightbane attacks anyone (he can threaten, scream or make gestures all he wants), the Talent stops working and he becomes visible for all to see. Likewise, a Nightbane actively engaged in combat or other activity, or standing in plain sight, cannot activate this Talent to disappear. First, he must get out of the line of sight of those he wishes to hide from.

Limitations: Usable only by the Morphus

*Cost: Selected as 1st level Talent, 10 PPE to use per minute.

Soul Shield

Protects against mental attacks/probes and the See Truth Talent. The Soul Shield acts like a psychic mind block, preventing most means of magical or psionic probes from intruding into the Nightbane’s mind. More importantly, while the Soul Shield is up, any spell or power that tries to control or dominate the Nightbane’s mind will automatically fail. Those who attempt to read the protected character’s mind will see only a pool of utter darkness. The mind reader/psychic will find it very difficult to pry himself from that darkness (a save versus psionics is necessary; roll every melee round), and until he does, he will be unable to do anything other than stare vacantly into space.

*Cost: 6 PPE to acquire, 4 to activate, lasts 1 hour


Education: Basic Nightbane

Basic Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Native Language:Arabic 75% +5% 75%
Native Literacy:Arabic 75% +5% 75%
Pilot:Automobile 60% +2% 60%
Math:Basic 45% +5% 55%

RCC Basic Nightbane Skill Package

Skill Name Base Addl/lv Current Level
Streetwise:Baghdad 30% +4% 30%
Mechanics:Basic 40% +5% 40%
Dance: 45% +5% 45%
Hand-to-Hand:Expert n/a n/a n/a

RCC Related and Secondary Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lv Current Level
W.P.:Automatic Pistols n/a n/a n/a
Barter: 30% +4% 30%
Prowl: 25% +5% 25%
Running: n/a n/a n/a
Athletics:General n/a n/a n/a
Pick Locks: 30% +5% 30%
Pick Pockets: 25% +5% 30%
Detect Ambush: 30% +5% 30%

Hand to Hand Combat Maneuvers (with Standard Strength Damage)
Body Block/Tackle
Roll with Impact

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The Scourge

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