American Super-Invention Hero


Identity: Technoicer
Real Name: Dr. William Karris
Hero Type/OCC: Super-Invention
Experience Level: 1
Current XP/XP Needed for Next Level: 0 / 2,301 (Use Hardware XP Chart)

Alignment: Scrupulous
Legal Status: United States citizen with no criminal record
Birth Order/Family Ties: Oldest of four children
Land of Origin: United States
Childhood Environment: Grew up in Des Moines, Iowa
Social/Economic Background: Middle Class
Disposition/Personality: Brooding, quiet, calculating
Insanity: none
Description Height, weight, distinguishing features

Attributes Bonus
IQ 21 + 7% to skills
ME 12 n/a
MA 21 65% Trust/Intimidate
PS 16 + 1 melee damage
PP 11 n/a
PE 16 Saving throw bonuses below
PB 19 45% Charm/Impress
Speed 23 n/a

Hit Points 21
SDC 28 / 57 SDC in Space
PPE 21


Initiative: Standard / + 2 in Space
Attacks per melee: 4 / 5 in Space
Melee Damage bonus: + 1
Critical Strike: Natural 20
Strength Category: Standard
Carrying Capacity: 160 lbs
Lifting Capacity: 320 lbs
Normal Movement Speed: 115 yards per melee round (Spd x 5), 15 mph (HU2 p. 16)
Other Movement Speed: Ice Slide Spd 88, 440 yards per melee round, 60 mph; Flying Ice Disk Spd 350, 1750 yards per melee round, 250 mph

Hand to Hand Type: EXPERT
Natural Strike Bonus (No WP Bonuses): 0 / + 1 in Space
Natural Parry Bonus (No WP Bonuses): + 1 / + 2 in Space
Dodge Bonus: + 1 / + 4 in Space (additional + 2 if flying on disk)
Disarm Bonus: 0 / + 1 in Space
Bonus to Roll w/Impact: + 3
Bonus to Pull Punch: + 2 / + 3 in Space

Weapon Proficiencies:
W.P. name—List totaled bonuses from W.P. only
(Firearms do NOT add Natural Strike bonuses)

WP Rifle (Single Action) + 3 aimed, + 0 wild

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: + 4%
Toxins (15+): + 1
Magic (varies): + 1
Lethal Poison (14+): + 1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): + 1
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):

ENHANCED ABILITIES Super abilities derived from the Technoicer apparatus Super-invention

The Technoicer apparatus is a torso pack that wraps around the wearer, connected to two thick cables that attach to a pair of machinery infused gauntlets. The physical stats for the apparatus are as follows:

Harness: AR 10, SDC 180
Gauntlets: AR 12, SDC 130 each (small target, – 3 to Strike if opponent makes a Called Shot)

Super Abilities (Powers function at 5th level technology- they are independent of the wearer, and will always remain at 5th level in effectiveness)

One Major, Three Minor

Sub-Zero (PU3 p. 97)

*Generate extreme cold/absorb heat
Can lower temperature 25 degrees per round to a maximum of – 100 degrees
Range: 100’ Radius
Duration: Varies (Temperature will rise 25 degrees per round naturally)
See Power Description for temperature effects

*Bolts of Cold
Range: 550’
Damage: 5d4, plus the following side effects for 1d4 rounds
1. Thin coating of ice is created on the target
2. Target suffers – 2 Initiative
3. Target suffers – 1 to Strike, Parry and Dodge
4. Target suffers – 2 to Roll with Impact
Actions: Each bolt counts as one melee attack
Bonuses: Character only uses natural bonuses to Strike

*Sub Zero blast
Range: 50’
Damage: Varies
Duration: Varies
Actions: Each blast counts as two melee attacks
Effects(See Power Description for more information):
1. Sealing openings shut
2. Freezing objects
3. Freezing living tissue

*Create Ice Constructs
Range: Touch
Duration: Indefinite until leaving the possession of the character, then melts as normal
Actions: One melee action to create weapons or tools. Ice Armor takes one Round to create.
1. Ice Armor AR 14, SDC 125
2. Simple ice weapons or tools (damage equal to metal equivalent)
3. Simple weapons or tools AR 12, SDC 2d4 x 10

*Preserve ice
All ice or frozen items remain so indefinitely as long as they remain within 10’ of the character.

*Ice Slide
1. Travel up to 60 mph
2. Character maintains complete control of direction and speed
3. – 2 to Dodge
4. May carry up to double the normal weight on slide, but speed is reduced by 25%
5. Must be created on the ground, and cannot be elevated more than 10’ above it.
6. Ice left behind melts after one round
7. May perform body block doing 2d4 damage + 1d4 per 20mph traveled

1. Character is immune to extreme cold, including magical cold
2. Never slips or falls on ice
3. May travel across normally occurring ice at full speed
4. Suffers double damage from magical fire, but only half damage from traditional fire and heat.
5. Can determine air temperature within 1d4 degrees

Flying Force (Ice) Disk (PU1 p. 28)

Range: Creation up to 300’ away, may be flung up to 850’
Size: From frisbee size up to 25’ in diameter
Damage: As a projectile, inflicts 3d6 + 3 damage
Duration: 2 1/2 hours as flight disk, projectiles melt after one round
Flight: Speed up to 250 mph, or hover in place
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs, plus 30 lbs per ME point of wearer. (360 lbs for Dr. Karris, for a total of 610 lbs)
Maximum Altitude: 1000’
SDC: Wearer’s PEx 10 (Dr. Karris gives the disc SDC of 150)
Actions: Creating the disk is one action. Maintaining it in flight requires one additional action for each round. (including the first)
1. + 2 to Dodge in flight
2. As projectile, wearer uses natural bonuses to Strike

Space Native (PU3 p. 20)

As long as the wearer is able to have a sealed uniform (such as provided by Technoicer’s costume, or an Astronaut suit), the apparatus can provide temperature controls and oxygen sufficient to allow the wearer to exist for extended times in the vacuum of space in comfort.

Duration: 15 days with no ill effects. After 15 days, the wearer begins to suffer from dyhdration and starvation but can survive an additional two days per PE point.

Bonuses (in Space):
+ 1 attack
+ 2 initiative
+ 1 to Strike, Parry, Disarm and Pull Punch
+ 3 to Dodge
+ 29 SDC
Impervious to Radiation attacks, and Gravity based attacks are half as effective. (Cold attacks are as well, if for some reason Technoicer’s other protection vs. cold is not functioning)

Supervision: Thermal (PU1 p. 45)

1. May see recent footprints less than 10 minutes old
2. Warm vehicle engines that have been used in the past 20 minutes
3. Gun having been fired within the past 10 minutes
4. Can see heat signatures from electronics ovens and organic creatures, including through solid walls which are not insulated.
5. Can estimate length of time since heat has been emitted from footprints, engines, electronics, etc. with 78% accuracy.

Range: 150’ (only 75’ in city due to multiple signatures)

Repairing the Technoicer Apparatus

As the inventor, Dr. Karris can make the below repairs at half the cost and half the time:

The repairs utilize a unique chemical compound, but the apparatus is relatively straightforward to understand. Anyone who attempts to make the repairs must have Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer and Weapon Engineer. Cost of repairs is 3d6 x 100 dollars in 2004 dollars. (Must be converted for Atomic Age setting)


Education: Hardware: Mechanical Genius, Doctorate

Basic Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Native Language:English 98% +5% 105%
Native Literacy:English 98% +5% 105%
Pilot:Automobile 60% +2% 67%
Math:Basic 45% +5% 52%

Mechanical Genius (Special)

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Mechanical Engineer 25% +5% 62%
Mechanics:Spacecraft 30% +5% 67%
Mechanics:Robot 30% +5% 67%
Weapons Engineer 25% +5% 62%
Mechanics:Automotive 25% +5% 57%
Locksmith 25% +5% 52%
Mechanics:Aircraft 25% +5% 52%
Read Sensory Equipment 30% +5% 62%
Electronics:Basic 30% +5% 47%
Math:Advanced 45% +5% 78%
Pilot:Race Car 55% +3% 82%
Pilot:Jet Aircraft 40% +4% 67%

Computer Engineer + 30%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Computer Operations 75% +5% 82%
Computer Programming 50% +5% 57%
Computer Repair 25% +5% 62%

Technical + 30%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Jury-Rig 25% +5% 62%
General Repair/Maintenance 35% +5% 72%
Business & Finance 35% +5% 72%
Firefighting 40% +5% 77%

Electrical Engineer + 30%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Electrical Engineer 30% +5% 67%
Electronics:Electricity Generation 50% +5% 87%
Electronics:Robot 30% +5% 67%

Secondary Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Hand to Hand:Expert
Astronomy 25% +5% 32%
Swimming 50% +5% 57%
WP Rifle:Single Action
Wilderness Survival 30% +5% 37%
SCUBA 50% +5% 57%
Wardrobe/Grooming 50% +4% 57%

Additional Information & Character Background:

Sponsoring Organization: NASA, United States Government
Dr. Karris is the inventor of the Technoicer apparatus, and current wearer
Dr. Karris is currently a freelance operator in good standing with NASA. He will apply the principles of his Technoicer invention to subsequent shuttle missions, but has decided to keep the core technology for himself. He operates independently as a hero, and assures himself he is merely ‘borrowing’ government property. Nonetheless, he believes that he needs to keep his involvement secret for now.
The Technoicer is an apparatus to help cool sensitive electronic and engine equipment from the extreme temperatures generated by rocketry. His role in NASA and his purpose for inventing the Technoicer is space exploration.



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