Alien Energy Symbiote


Evangeline_Ortego.jpgIdentity Nova
Real Name Evangeline Ester Ortego
Known aliases None
Archetype/OCC Symbiotic
Experience Level 3 (Use Mutant table on p. 352 in HU2)
Experience/Experience to next level: 5,320/4101
Alignment Principled
Legal Status US Citizen with no criminal record
Description African American woman, early 20’s. Physically fit, slender, average height.

Attributes Bonus
IQ 13 n/a
ME 17 n/a
MA 15 n/a
PS 13 n/a
PP 13 n/a
PE 14 n/a
PB 13 n/a
Speed 23 n/a

Hit Points 23
SDC 126

Initiative Standard / + 1 in Space
Attacks per melee 4 / 5 in Space
Critical Strike Natural 20


+0 to Strike +1 to Parry +1 to Dodge
+3 Roll with Impact +2 Pull Punch
+3 to Strike with Aimed Energy Blast +1 to Strike with Wild Energy Blast + 10% Save v. Coma/Death
+1 Save v. Psionics +1 Save v. Illusions +1 Save v. Magic

Space-Flight Bonuses; in addition to above

+1 attack +1 to Initiative
+1 to Strike +1 to Parry +1 to Disarm
+6 to Dodge while flying in Space +1 to Roll with Impact
All bonuses to damage for charging flight speed negated in Space +15 SDC


All of Nova’s abilities are derived from her union with a strange energy being she calls Khel.

Among the many benefits Nova receives as a result of this union is an extended life span. She is now likely to live beyond 150 years. Khel also grants Nova the ability to breathe in air and water alike, as well as a vacuum, with no time limit. Finally, when bonded, Khel grants the host (Nova) + 60 SDC.

In exchange for these benefits, Nova is adversely affected through sharing her digestive system. In order to maintain peak effectiveness, Nova must eat 2-3 times as much as normal, and must constantly snack. If she fails to eat the necessary amount, all bonuses will suffer a -1 penalty. This penalty can increase the longer adequate food is not consumed.

If the host is forcibly separated from the Symbiote, consult the chart on p. 89 in PU2 to determine the consequences.

Major Super Abilities

Self-Explosion, Major PU3 p. 93

This power turns the character into a walking bomb of incredible power and able to blow himeself/herself up and take absolutely no damage from the experience. It is important to note that the character is completely unharmed by the use of this power (no pain, etc) and recovers quickly and fully after each use.

Explode Self
Range: 20ft radius +2ft/lvl
Can reduce radius to 7.5ft if desired
Duration: Instant
Center of the blast (7.5ft): 4D6x10 +5/lvl
Remainder of the blast radius: Half damage
Everything in the radius takes damage
Takes 3 actions to explode
The explosion is an incredible release of energy that drains the character completely, leaving him/her effectively incapacitated and unable to fight for 3D4 melee rounds. The only actions available are to move at a third of normal speed and dodge at a penalty of -4. The character does not have access to any of their other powers during this time.

Explosive Touch
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Damage: 2D6, 4D6, 6D6, 1D4x10, 1D6x10, or 2D4x10.
All damage increments receive an additional + 2 points/lvl
The character can elect which margin of damage to do, and the damage is done only to the exact thing that he touches. Living things can only have 2D6, 4D6, or 6D6 damage done to them. This can be used on armor and have the wearer take 10% collateral damage.
6D6 damage or below takes 1 action, anything higher takes 2 actions

Explosive Punch/Kick
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Damage: 6D6, no PS bonuses apply
Requires a single action to perform
Allows the character to focus their energy into fists or feet to punch or kick an opponent and receives the normal hand to hand strike bonuses. This manifests itself as glowing energy around the appendages.

Explosive Leaps
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Damage: 2D6 to the ground at blast point
1 action
A burst of energy propels the character 25ft + 5ft/lvl either horizontally or vertically.

Critical Mass Explosion
Range: Total blast radius of 500ft
Duration: Instant
100ft from the epicenter: 1D6x100
101-200ft from the epicenter: 5D6x10
201-300ft from the epicenter: 2D6x10
301-400ft from the epicenter: 1D6x10
401-500ft from the epicenter: 4D6

Requires four rounds of concentration to set this attack up, the blast occurs on the first action of the fifth round. Once the blast begins, there is no turning back.

This blast is by far the most powerful thing the character can unleash, but it has devastating consequences. It will be 4D6 weeks before his/her energy powers return after using this attack. Additionally, they permanently lose 1D6+3 hit points, 1 PB point, and there is a 33% of permanently losing their powers in part or total.

Other Abilities/Bonuses
Falls and high-speed impacts do half damage
+10% save v. coma/death
+30 SDC

Minor Super Abilities

Flight: Space, Minor PU3 p. 13

A ‘space age’ super ability in which, if not for the environmental limitations of working at full power only in outer space, would be a major super ability. Like Flight: Wingless, this power enables the hero to fly at impressive speeds in the vacuum of space and in low gravity environments. The higher the gravity, the slower the hero can fly. In a high gravity environment, no flight is possible.

Earth gravity allows the character to glide in a manner identical to the Flight: Glide minor suber ability (about 40-50 mph), but he enjoys none of the bonuses that come with that ability.

In low gravity the hero can race through the air at speeds equal to Flight: Wingless (200 mph), but speed does not increase with experience and the character enjoys none of the bonuses other than +4 to dodge when hovering and +6 to dodge when flying at 90 mph or greater.

In outer space, the character is resistant to cold and radiation. He or she can survive in space with only a light radiation suit or spacesuit, can breathe without air for one hour per level of experience, is invulnerable to small bits of flying debris, and can reach impressive speeds.

The speed starts at Mach Two (1520 mph), and increases by Mach Two per level of experience, so a fifth level super being can fly through the vacuum of space at speeds of up to Mach 10 (7600 mph). Of course, the character can fly at slower speeds as he or she desires. Why great speed (and imperviousness to the conditions of space) is only possible in space is unknown.

Bonuses The following bonuses only apply when in outer space:

+ 1 attack per melee
+ 1 to Initiative
+ 1 to strike, parry and disarm
+ 6 to dodge
+ 1 to roll with impact
+ 2d6 + 6 to SDC


Amplified keen vision- can see small objects up to five miles away in space.

Half damage from cold and radiation. Twice as dififcult to fall victim to radiation sickness (only 15%)

Energy Expulsion: Energy, Minor HU2 p. 230

The character can generate energy which can be released in directed pulses. The energy pulse or blast is fired from the finger-tips, hand or eyes.
Range: 600 feet maximum
Damage: 2d6 + 1d6/level of experience
Duration: Instant
Melee Actions: One
Bonuses: +3 to Strike with aimed shot, +1 to Strike with wild shot
Special: The more powerful and experienced characters (3rd level or higher) can regulate the strength of each blast in increments of 1d6. They can also divide the energy to fire two simultaneous blasts at two different targets. The amount of damage of each of the divided blasts cannot be greater than one half the maximum damage. Finally, because effort is being taken to divide the attack, there are no bonuses to strike that apply. A divided attack still only counts as one action.

Personal Force Field, Minor PU1 p.36

The character is able to generate a limited force field similiar to the Create Force Field power; only this force field follows the countour of its creator’s body as a sort of armor.
Range: Self
Damage: None
Duration: Permanent, until destroyed or dispelled
SDC of Force Field: Creator’s PE x 2; + 10 SDC/level of experience. The SDC regenerates at a rate of 1 point per minute. creating the Force Field takes one action. It also costs one action per round to maintain the field beyond the first round. The field will dissipate if the creator loses consciousness. The field provides no protection vs. gases, disease, radiation, psionics, heat or cold. Full protection is possible vs. fire, ice and energy blasts.



Basic Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Native Language: 98% +5% 103% cap 98%
Native Literacy: 98% +5% 103% cap 98%
Pilot:Automobile 60% +2% 62%
Math:Basic 45% +5% 50%

Skill Program: Nursing + 15%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Business/Finance: 35% +5% 55%
Chemistry: 30% +5% 45%
Biology: 30% +5% 50%
Paramedic: 40% +5% 60%

Skill Program: Physical + 15%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Hand to Hand: Basic n/a n/a n/a
Athletics:General n/a n/a n/a
Running: n/a n/a n/a
Swimming: 50% +5% 70%

Secondary Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Cooking:x2 35% +5% 40%
Gardening: 36% +4% 40%
Dancing: 30% +5% 35%
Fishing: 40% +5% 50%
Singing: 35% +5% 40%
Holistic Medicine: 20% +5% 25%
Math:Advanced 45% +5% 50%
Sign Language: 25% +5% 30%

Hand to Hand Combat Maneuvers (with Standard Strength Damage)
Body Block/Tackle
Roll with Impact

Additional Information:

Symbiote, “Khel
The entity has HP of 12, and is made of pure energy. As such, if separated from Evangeline, the symbiote cannot take any damage from physical attacks. It is a sentient being of Unprincipled alignment, and has the following attributes and psychic abilities:

Attributes Score
IQ 18
ME 10
MA 19
ISP 86

Psionic Abilities: Empathy (host only)- 4, Telepathy (host only)- 4, See Aura- 6, Mind Block (symbiote only)- 4, Sense Time- 2, Read Dimensional Portal- 6 (PU1, p. 92)



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