American Empowered Hero


Identity: Doughboy
Real Name: Charles Arthur Wright
Hero Type/OCC: Empowered
Experience Level: 1
Current XP/XP Needed for Next Level: 0/2,001

Alignment: Scrupulous
Legal Status: US Citizen with no criminal record
Birth Order/Family Ties: 3rd of 4 sons.
Land of Origin: New York City, US
Childhood Environment: Spent his whole life in the Bronx
Social/Economic Background: Laborer, Middle Class
Disposition/Personality: Feisty, confrontational, strong sense of what is right and wrong
Insanity: None
Description Tall, thin elderly man with a full head of white hair. He stands normally at 6’3", and grows even taller when transformed. His hair returns to it’s normal black, and his eyes are a deep green.

Charlie Wright

Attributes Bonus
IQ 13 n/a
ME 30 Bonus to Saving Throws below
MA 23 75% Trust/Intimidate
PS 6 -25% Throwing range
PP 6 -2 to Strike, Dodge, Parry; skill penalties
PE 10 n/a
PB 9 n/a
Speed 15 n/a


Attributes Bonus
IQ 13 n/a
ME 30 Bonus to Saving Throws below
MA 23 75% Trust/Intimidate
PS 23 Extraordinary PS, + 8 melee damage
PP 18 + 2 to Strike, Parry, Dodge
PE 18 Bonus to Saving Throws below
PB 19 45% Charm/Impress
Speed 41 n/a

Hit Points Note: Transformation doubles HP: 46 (14 as Charlie Wright)
SDC 105 (24 as Charlie Wright)
PPE 28


Initiative: + 2 (0 as Charlie Wright)
Attacks per melee: 5 (4 as Charlie Wright)
Melee Damage bonus: + 8; + additional 1d6 to kick attacks (0 as Charlie Wright)
Critical Strike: Natural 20

Hand to Hand Type: EXPERT
Natural Strike Bonus (No WP Bonuses): + 4 (- 2 as Charlie Wright)
Natural Parry Bonus (No WP Bonuses): + 4 (- 2 as Charlie Wright)
Dodge Bonus: + 3 (- 2 as Charlie Wright)
Automatic Dodge: + 3 (N/A for Charlie Wright)
Disarm Bonus: + 1 (- 2 as Charlie Wright)
Bonus to Roll w/Impact: + 4 (0 as Charlie Wright)
Bonus to Pull Punch: + 6 (0 as Charlie Wright)
Entangle: 0 (- 2 as Charlie Wright)

Weapon Proficiencies:
W.P. name—List totaled bonuses from W.P. only
(Firearms do NOT add Natural Strike bonuses)

WP Rifle + 3 Aimed, + 1 Burst, + 0 Wild

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: + 6% (0 as Charlie Wright)
Toxins (15+): + 2 (0 as Charlie Wright)
Magic (varies): + 2
Magic-Possession (varies): + 4 (+ 2 as Charlie Wright)
Lethal Poison (14+): Immune (0 as Charlie Wright)
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): + 4 (0 as Charlie Wright)
Insanity (12+): + 13
Psionics (varies): + 8
Psionics-Mind Control (varies): + 10
Horror Factor (varies): + 2 (+ 2 as Charlie Wright)


Natural AR 10

Minor Super Abilities

Kaiser Gun “Gun Limb”: (PU1 p. 29)

For Doughboy, the gun is not an actual limb, but it functions as such. He cannot be disarmed, and when he summons it, he cannot set the gun down. The only way to release the weapon is to cancel the power, and return it to his ‘memory’. This ‘memory’ is actually a pocket limbo that allows the storage of his Kaiser Gun. Summoning the gun takes one action. The gun fires concussive energy rounds, but in all other respects functions in a manner similiar to a Gatling Gun. The weapon is a function of his psyche, and not tied in any way to an actual existing weapon. While he has the potential to transform this weapon into any design of his choosing, he has so far been incapable of creating anything but what he calls his Kaiser Gun.

Range: 1000’ + 20’ per level (Rifle rounds)
Damage: 5D6 single, 1D6x10 for a three round burst
Duration: As long as character desires, and is conscious. Creation takes one action.
Payload: May create two bullets per experience level each round. Additional rounds are created by expending one HP per the creation of 8 additional Rifle rounds.
Attacks: Each shot or burst counts as one action
Bonuses: As per Weapon Proficiency: Assault Rifle. Modifiers for aimed, burst, or wild shots apply.

Extraordinary Physical Prowess: (HU2 p. 232)

Impervious to Poisons & Toxins: (PU1 p.32)

Immune to lethal poisons of any kind. Non-lethal he is allowed a + 2 save, and all effects are halved. (this applies to helpful potions as well as harmful)

Enhanced Leaping: (PU1 p. 25)

Leaping distance: PS x 15 across, PS x 7.5 vertical (due to Doughboy’s extraordinary strength). Can fall PS x 30 if able to land on his feet without damage.


Education: Military (Skill totals in italics reflect Doughboy’s ablilities only; Other penalties applied for old age for Charlie)

Basic Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Native Language: 75% +5% 75%
Native Literacy: 75% +5% 75%
Pilot:Automobile 60% +2% 50%/70%
Math:Basic 45% +5% 45%

Basic Military + 10%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Hand to Hand:Basic
Climbing 60% +2% 35%/70%
Military Etiquette 45% +5% 45%
WP Rifle
Radio:Basic 60% +2% 60%

Military (Generic) + 10%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare 35% +5% 45%
Camouflage 20% +5% 30%
Recognize Weapon Quality 25% +5% 35%
Trap/Mine Detection 20% +5% 30%

Technical (Superintendent) + 5%

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Lore:AGI 35% +5% 40%
General Repair/Maintenance 35% +5% 30%/40%
Business & Finance 35% +5% 40%
Research 50% +5% 55%

Secondary Skills

Skill Name Base Addl/lvl Current Level
Swimming 50% +5% 40%/60%
Hand to Hand:Expert
Prowl 25% +5% 15%/35%
Wilderness Survival 30% +5% 30%
History:American 20th Century 35% +5% 35%
Fishing 40% +5% 40%
Gardening 36% +4% 36%
Card Sharp 24% +4% 24%

Additional Information & Character Background:

As is the case for all Empowered heroes, Charlie Wright has had to overcome a disability through inspiration. This overcoming gifted him his abilities.

Physical Impairment: Elderly

Old age has robbed Charlie of strength and vigor. Born in 1893, Charlie was an enlisted soldier in the US Army when World War I broke out. He served then at the age of 25. During the Atomic Age Campaign, he is now 74 years old.

Overcoming the Disability: Witness to Tragedy

Charlie witnessed one of the most senseless slaughters in human history. The advent of trench warfare and the use of chemical weapons led to untold loss of life. Day after day brave young men gave their lives for a few hundred yards of land, only to be pushed back to their original trench days later. This dreaded death march, known then by the soldiers of the Great War as ‘going over the top’, was the ultimate test of bravery.

Physical Compensation: Physical Metamorphosis: Demigod

Charlie doesn’t transform into an actual Demigod. Instead, he assumes the form of an idealized physical specimen, appearing to be the same age he was during the Great War. The facial features, birthmarks, eyes and hair are all his. But his muscular frame far surpasses anything he knew before, and he is much taller. His heroic persona towers at 6’7" in height.

It takes two actions for Charlie to transform physically. At the end of the transformation, his standard ‘costume’ of gas masks, etc. appears out of thin air as the final stage. He does not require this equipment for his powers, but this is how they manifest themselves within Charlie’s psyche-induced transformation.



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