Atomic Age

The Peacekeepers p. 5



It was the morning of Valentine’s Day. The doors opened at the Promise Clinic at 9am, and there was already a line forming. The Promise Clinic had quickly established a reputation for serving the underprivileged. They had an exclusive contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and wounded vets from Vietnam received priority attention. In addition though, many of New York’s homeless were waiting to receive care. Poverty was rampant in Brooklyn, and the surrounding buroughs of New York. In other words, a clinic serving the underprivileged was going to be busy at all times in New York City. Once a week, however, Dr. Gordon Beckett appeared personally to attend to the most grievously injured veterans. He was a brilliant surgeon, and while the business of running a clinic fell to others, his talents were used exclusively to help those like Sergeant Vincent Porter.

Dr. Gordon Beckett was a man of many talents. In addition to being a renowned surgeon, he was likewise a brilliant businessman. His business enterprise, Lifeline Industries, was at the forefront of an unknown science- biomedical technology. Finally, Dr. Beckett was also a lawyer- and he personally handled the legal affairs of his clinic despite advice from others. The fact that he took time to personally perform surgery each week at the Promise Clinic was astounding.

The rest of the lobby was humming with patients. A surgery was scheduled for 10am, but before that time Dr. Beckett was expecting a new veteran from Louisiana. He was giving orders to office and nursing staff, flirting with the most attractive women. All eyes were on him. Meanwhile, the patients clamored for attention. The overworked staff was diligent, but it was an uphill struggle.


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