Atomic Age

The Peacekeepers p. 12


Northport.jpgAfter weeks of cross country travel, I arrived at the estate of Ken English, in Northport, Michigan. There I got to meet the man who my master fought alongside in the great war, and he did not disappoint. He is clearly well off, but his intentions appear to be good. Within a day of my arrival 3 other skilled warriors arrived at the mansion by invitation of Mr. English. At this time Mr. English made it clear that he was looking for skilled individuals to make a difference for good. He also spoke of great evil at work in the world, and according to the 3 warriors, they had encountered tendrils of this evil force. After the discussion ended Nova, Reaper and Warlock and I departed to investigate an boat fire using a boat Mr. English provided for us.

After a small effort, the fire was quenched, and the victims of the boats combustion were rescued. After tending to their injuries and some inquiry we learned that one of their party members was still missing. We searched the surrounding area but were unable to locate the missing person. On board the ship beneath the deck was a store of radioactive rocks. I still can’t fathom why anyone would carry these around on a fishing trip.

From there we departed the sinking wreckage of the civilian’s boat, in the motor boat loaned to us by Mr. English. On our way we learned of more fires taking place at the docks of the city. We decided to make haste to that location to lend our aid. Along the way we encountered policeman who travel by boat, and to them we entrusted the safety of the civilians we rescued.

Upon reaching the docks we beheld a monster of the like I have never seen. It stood a hulking figure, nearly twenty feet tall; it was bright like the sun and hot like wild fire. Working together, we were able to extinguish the fires it created and protect civilians as they escaped. We managed to contain the beast and eliminate it. Truly there is evil running wild in the world, I know now that I have come to serve in the right place.


+ 250 XP Ju-Long. Thank you!

The Peacekeepers p. 12
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