Atomic Age

Secrets of the Tome p. 5

Saving the world

He stood just inside the doorway of one of the smaller buildings, an office of some sort he guessed, and watched the new arrivals inside the city. As the signs had shown him they came, a woman who rose from the water, a man from the sky riding on flame, another woman descended from the heavens glowing brightly, a darkness climbed over the wall, and finally a man with knowing eyes. They came together, these disparate elements, and the dead arose to assault them.

The dead army was legion until the Sword of Damocles, the auguries had named them, began to act. Flashes of bright light, crashing waves, fire, darkness, and gunfire made short work of the army.

After a brief consultation the Sword moved through the city searching for what he could not say. He made sure they would take no notice of him, with the appearance of Sampa, the city, the power of magic had risen exponentially and spells he could only read about before now worked and invisibility was a simple spell. Eventually they turned their attentions to the column of blue light that engulfed the Temple.

He had seen the woman ridden by evil climb to the top of the Temple earlier, the blue light not a barrier to her even though the first arrivals, military jets and helicopters, had learned to give the column a wide berth after one of theirs had been destroyed by the light.

The Sword approached the barrier and after a brief hesitation the man who rode flame pushed into the barrier and was followed quickly by the rest of the Sword. Up the temple they went until the Scourge, an otherworldly creature from the same realm as the Darkness but twisted and evil where the Darkness sought to champion the light, attempted to stop them.

The Scourge and the Darkness struck at each other with such power and ferocity that the blows sounded like thunder and would surely have reduced a mortal to a red ruin. The two women also struck at the Scourge while the two men headed to the top of the Temple where the sacrificial altar stood.

He was too far to make out exactly what went on at the altar but he did see the man who rode flame step back from the altar holding the two spheres of power. As he backed away from the altar a change in the power could be sensed even this far away. The glowing woman left the fight to go to the alter, the spill of power from there now included a taste of healing. They were attempting to save the sacrifice and end the ritual.

The battle of the titans ended when the Darkness threw the Scourge from the Temple to the ground so far below. The Scourge broke into pieces on impact then the pieces dispersed into a black miasma.

The man who rode flame threw one of the spheres to the Darkness and both headed to separate corners of the base of the Temple. The glowing woman flew to the man who rode flame, took the sphere from him and ascended the heavens in a bright glow. She returned shortly to do the same with the Darkness. The spheres dealt with the Sword wasted no time in taking the sacrifice from the city, each leaving much the same way as they had arrived.

Again the city was silent but would not remain so for long. Others, like him, would come, drawn by the siren’s call of power.


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Secrets of the Tome p. 5

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Secrets of the Tome p. 5

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Secrets of the Tome p. 5
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