Atomic Age

Tales of Damocles p. 4


Sam watched the snow fall for a minute then in a quiet voice said, “Well Hell finally froze over.”

“What was that Mr. Tuttleton” asked Dr. Dewain.

“Just observing that Hell had finally frozen over Dr. Dewain,” Sam said with humor obvious in his voice. “If you’ll excuse me I’d like to see more about this.”

“Of course, I quite understand…” suddenly realized that snow meant water. Ran toward the artifact collection area waving and yelling, “Cover the artifacts quickly!”

Sam got in the jeep that had brought him to the site and told the driver to return to base as quickly as possible. Once there he gathered his equipment and made several calls over his implanted radio to his team to assemble at what appeared to be the epicenter of the newest event. He started to head back out to the jeep when he caught sight of his jetpack. He had never really had an occasion to use it outside of the rather tame training class and wondered why it had been assigned to him. Today appeared to be a good day to really try it out. He told the driver to pick up Chessman and get him to the site as quickly as possible.

It took Sam a few minutes to settle into the jetpack but once he did he took the throttle to the stops. Oh man, flying in a plane was cool but this was something else. One hundred and fifty miles an hour with nothing between him and open air. He just barely resisted the urge to “whoop and holler” at the top of his lungs but there was no way to contain the fierce grin.

All too soon he saw the blue column and throttled back.


Fun stuff- thanks!

Tales of Damocles p. 4

Just edited the title to keep with the location chapter theme.

Tales of Damocles p. 4

and editing back for character- so much for that idea

Tales of Damocles p. 4
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