Atomic Age

The Peacekeepers p. 1


It didn’t take much, it never had, to get Vincent to sign on with Damocles. He had volunteered for enlistment rather than having to be drafted and if not for the demons he brought back with him he would have called it worth it with a bit more enthusiasm. Losing his eyes, while horrifyingly painful and frightening, seemed a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. The Reaper however…he could’ve done without it’s evil presence. He certainly could have done without the constant fear of it’s release, or the hellish nightmares that seemed to accompany it; he still couldn’t sleep more than a few hours at a time before he woke up screaming. He still wasn’t sure where it came from, or how it got to be ‘bonded’ with him but they were stuck together now. Despite Reaper’s constant and vehement claims that it had no interest in the blood of innocents, preferring the taint of those who killed without remorse and even with elation in their hearts, Vincent wasn’t willing to chance mingling with crowds unless he had to and Damocles offered him an alternative; let the demon loose on the very beings it claimed to prefer. He wasn’t much for fighting fire with fire, but he had to admit it had a poetic justice to it that he found comforting.

He had only been in Baghdad a day before he found something to pull him out of his room. A feeling, much like when the Reaper ‘smelled’ blood on a person, but…different. It felt familiar; it felt the same as him. The Reaper was beyond excited, he could feel it trying to burst out of his skin. It’s reason? ‘To play’ it said, and the reason became obvious the closer he got. He had to dig his fingers into his arms, as if he could physically hold the Reaper in, as he wove his way through the streets. Even without his sight he seemed to know exactly where this ‘other’ was and the feeling he got just from being near- like his skin was crawling. He knew what that meant, even without the Reaper’s abilities he could feel it to a limited extent; this one killed, and enjoyed it-a lot. They continued this back and forth for days, even occasionally letting the Reaper out at night to try to and get a bead on this ‘other’, but that all ended the today. He had felt what others had apparently seen. A massive explosion of light according to his C.O. He had only just started out when the Reaper took over. It was so unexpected he couldn’t even resist. Before he fully grasped what was going on he was racing across the desert, many times only a shadow flying across the sands. It took a minute but eventually Vincent was able to feel what had made the Reaper so impatient; the ‘other’ was also heading towards the coordinates his C.O. gave him. Reaper was excited, that much was obvious, but the magnitude was surprising. It didn’t matter though, right now he needed the speed and strength and Reaper wasn’t holding anything back, and so they raced across the sands the feeling of blood and evil growing stronger every second.


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The Peacekeepers p. 1
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